Barium Sulfate Barite Powder BaSO4

Barium sulfate is a kind of chenmical material with high specific gravity,excellent particle sizeand affinity,high whiteness and high purity guaranteed. It's odorless and insoluble in water.It occurs as the mineral barite, which is the main commercial source of barium and materials prepared from it.

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Barium Sulfate Powder

Barium Sulfate Barite Powder BaSO4

Product Information:

Product Name: Barium sulfate

Molecular formula: BaSO4 

CAS NO:7727-43-7

Appearance: white powder

Characteristic: High purity Barium Sulphate

Barium Sulfate Barite Powder BaSO4

It occurs as the mineral barite, 

which is the main commercial 

source of barium and materials 

prepared from it. The white 

opaque appearance and its high 

density are exploited in its main 


Barium Sulfate Barite Powder BaSO4


Place of Origin:   Guangdong,China(Mainland)

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Purity:                 98.6% Min, 98.6%

Appearance:       White Powder

Application:         Industrial

Brand Name:       XIMI

Product name:     precipitated barium sulfate

Color:                 Pure White

Certificate:          ISO

Hs code:             28332700.00

Grade:                Industry

Usage:                pait, plastic, pigment

Moisture:             0.07%

Solubility:             0.06%

Main application:

BaSO4 is used in many fields. Powder coatings,plastics,rubber,painting,dye,printing ink,copper plate,textile,drilling oil,storage battery,pigment,car parts,paper-making,glass,porcelain enamel,ceramics&insulating tape ect.                         

Barium Sulfate Barite Powder BaSO4

XiMi chenmical Co.,Ltd established in 2006,we are professional manufacturer of the kind of Powder: Barium sulphate,Calcium carbonate,Sediment Barium Sulphate,Talcum Powder and Silica Powder. We are 2 top quality barite mines' owner in Guangxi and Guizhou and one powder factory in Jiangmen Guangdong, therefore, we can offer you high quality Barium Sulphate Powder with excellent  price.

Barium Sulfate Barite Powder BaSO4

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