Blanc Fixe

Blanc Fixe

Blanc fixe is a white, soluble, heavy compound obtained either from the natural mineral barytes, or by chemical treatment of barium and sulfuric acid. It is highly transparent, improves printability. It is also used to form the pigment lithopone, which is also known as "blanc fixe".

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Blanc Fixe

Blanc fixe also named Barium sulphate. Used in industrial paints and powder coatings. Offers extremely good wettability due to low specific surface area. Provides good loading and rheological properties, high lightness, very good compatibility with colored pigments. Suitable for the cost‑optimization of formulations via increased hiding power and possible partial replacement of pigments. Possesses extremely narrow particle‑size range for high gloss specifications, and neutral color, due to its low refractive index.

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A synthetic white pigment prepared from precipitated barium sulphate. Blanc fixe is a fine powder that was manufactured and sold as a permanent, stable white pigment from about the 1820s.

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The pure white powder is transparent when used as a filler or base for lake pigments. The reproducible whiteness of high purity, synthetic barium sulfate has led to its use in the standard white tiles for reflectance spectrophotometry.

Typical Applications

Inks, plastics, cosmetics, appliance coatings, architectural coatings, and automotive topcoats.

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