Barium Sulphate

  • 90% Barium Sulphate

    90% Barium Sulphate

    90% barium sulphate sage: as a filler for plastic industry, e.g. masterbatch, blow film, engineer plastic, etc. Product Advantage: - High whiteness → High transparency & very clear for blowing film - Uniform particle size distribution → Good dispersion when mixing...Read More
  • 98% Barium Sulphate

    98% Barium Sulphate

    1.Biggest Advantage of XM-PB02 98% barium sulphate The top grade filler for coating products Amazing good smoothness on coating Mirror like effect on coating, excellent gloss "THE BEST ONE IN CHINA MARKET FOR COATING PRODUCT" 2.Barium Sulphate Precipitated...Read More
  • Barium Sulphate 10 Micron

    Barium Sulphate 10 Micron

    About XiMi - 10 years Experience: barium sulphate, precipitated barium sulphate, titanium dioxide, etc. - 20,000 cm2 production area. Two barite mines with 10 million total storage volume. - 100,000 MT Capacity per year Product Information Barium Sulphate 10 micron is the...Read More
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