2000 Mesh Barytes For Plastic

2000 Mesh Barytes For Plastic

2000 mesh barytes / natural barium sulfate Usage: as a filler for plastic industry, e.g. masterbatch, blow film, engineer plastic, etc.

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Barytes introduction 

Barite, also called barytes or heavy spar, the most common barium mineral, barium sulfate (BaSO4). Barite occurs in hydrothermal ore veins (particularly those containing lead and silver), in sedimentary rocks such as limestone, in clay deposits formed by the weathering of limestone, in marine deposits, and in cavities in igneous rock. It commonly forms as large tabular crystals, as rosettelike aggregates of those crystals, or as divergent plates known as crested barite.


Commercially, ground barite has been used in oil well and gas well drilling muds; in the preparation of barium compounds; as a body, or filler, for paper, cloth, and phonograph records; and as an inert body in coloured paints. 

2000 mesh barytes / natural barium sulfate

Usage: as a filler for plastic industry, e.g. masterbatch, blow film, engineer plastic, etc. 


- High whiteness → High transparency & very clear for blowing film 

- Uniform particle size distribution → Good dispersion when mixing materials  

- Low oil absorption → Sticky and strong masterbatch 


Apperance White Powder
D50 particle size< 2.2 micron
Moisture< 0.3%
Sieve Residue on 325 mesh< 0.01%
Oil Absorption13.0-15.0 g/100g
Barium Sulfate >94%
pH value7±0.5
Iron Fe < 0.03%
Loss on ignition >1.2


About XiMi

XiMi Group is the biggest barium sulfate manufacturer in south China, with 10 years experience. 


Our main product is barium sulfate as raw material and fillers in various industries i.e. powder coatings, industrial coatings, car brake pads, plastics, master batch, plastic blown film, lead acid battery and etc.


Located near Guangzhou, we enjoy convenient transportation and are providing fast delivery to our customers.


Currently, we are exporting to USA, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea and 30 other countries and regions.

We own a barite mine in Guangxi, China.    

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ISO 9001 factory, 8000 Ton per month capacity. 

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Modern management big warehouse 20000+ cm2     

Fast Delivery 7 days

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If you are interested, we would love to send you more information. 

Atttn: Ms. Sophie 
WhatsApp: +86 139 2822 5900

Skype: live:sophie.ximi

Wechat: rainbow-fen

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