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180-year-old German Sto Coating officially enters Guangzhou
- May 25, 2018 -

On May 18th, Sto, a well-known German paint brand with a history of more than 180 years, officially entered Guangzhou and settled on the 1st floor of Anhua, Baiyun District. As the leading brand in the field of excellence in architectural coatings in Germany, in more than 180 years of brand history, Germany Sto has only focused on one business—developing architectural coatings, allowing environmentally friendly coatings to serve the builders and home industries, extending the value of buildings. In the future, as the sole agent of Sto Coating in the Guangdong region, Youtuo International will not only cooperate with Sto in Germany to interpret the new environmental protection trend with “rational construction”, but also use the quality of craftsmen to interpret the unique beauty of the era of excellent home.

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