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TDI, MMA and other raw materials hit a record high in the year!
- May 25, 2018 -

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment that in 2018, the first round of inspections will be carried out “looking back”, starting from the second round of central environmental protection supervision in 2019, and arranging the relevant departments and state-owned enterprises to be integrated into the scope of inspectors; it will strive to use it again in about three years. To achieve full coverage, at the same time, in 2018, the consolidation of chemical pollution in the economic zone of the Yangtze River will be strengthened and the possibility of chemical shutdown will be brought about by the upcoming summit of the Shandong Shanghe Summit. The State Council issued the letter [2017] No. 77 clearly stipulating the SMEs. In addition, large-scale enterprises with hidden major risks have started to relocate and renovate by the end of 2018, and companies within one kilometer of the Yangtze River have also started relocation activities. In 2018, environmental protection inspections have tightened.

According to the coating procurement network, due to environmental restrictions and restrictions on production, epoxy resins and polyester resins have been in short supply, coupled with increased costs for shipping and labor costs. The prices of major chemical raw materials in the country have continued to rise, and some raw material prices have risen. New highs during the year.

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