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Attention! The Business Licenses Of These More Than 100 Paint Companies Will Be Revoked
- May 25, 2018 -

Behind the development of China's paint industry in full swing, some hidden dangers that affect or even restrict the development of the industry have also been revealed. Nowadays, the homogeneity of paint products, the non-standard market, and the lack of standard execution force have caused China's paint industry to face tremendous pressure.

According to the coating procurement network news, since this year, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and other regional market supervision bureaus have publicized more than 100 list of paint companies to be revoked, aiming at long-term unoperated enterprises, long-term suspension of unoperated enterprises, and failure to apply for individual tax registration. Industrial and commercial households do not go through the registration cancellation procedures and other illegal activities. It is also understood that the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce is actively preparing for the establishment of a corporate credit information platform, implements classified supervision, and gradually implements a “black list” system to expand the publicity of dishonesty.

Revoking business licenses is the most serious administrative punishment measure for market players, and it will also bring credit blemishes to enterprises.

Under the strict supervision of the relevant departments, if a business license is revoked in accordance with the law, more enterprises subject to restrictions and disciplinary actions will withdraw from the market, which will help guide the enterprises to abide by the law and conduct good faith operations, thus achieving the effect of “good money” expelling “bad money”.

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