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Redbud International Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Successfully Held In Shanghai
- May 25, 2018 -

According to the understanding of the coating procurement network, the Bauhinia Paints Group and Lei Di International Group, the company's flagship company, have successfully held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai for “Ingenuity and Future”.

The two sides will rely on their respective resources in terms of products, technologies, channels, etc., and use auxiliary materials as the key cooperation areas to jointly promote the ecological development of the auxiliary materials industry and jointly bring high-quality auxiliary materials to the market. On this occasion, Mr. Feng Bingguang, Co-President of Bauhinia Paints and Mr. Qiu Yuming, Managing Director of Leidi International North Asia Pacific attended the signing ceremony and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the company.

The cooperation between Redbud Coatings and Raytheon International is a major measure for both companies to continuously enhance their strengths, achieve cross-industry alliances, and maximize resources, signifying that both parties will use strategic opportunities to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of their respective industries. Advantageous resources provide new impetus for the sustainable development of the company.

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