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The Latest Batch Of Raw Material Companies Announced Price Increase
- May 25, 2018 -

On May 23, a sunny day turns sunny days.

From 8 am to 6 pm before work, we have received multiple price increase notifications from manufacturers of polyvinyl alcohol and VAE emulsions! Shanxi Three-dimensional, starting May 23, the prices of all models of PVA products have been raised by RMB 500/ton. Dalian Chemical Co., Ltd. raised VAE emulsion by RMB 100/mt on May 23. In Ningxia, starting from 16:00 on May 23, the PVA series will be increased by RMB 300/t. Anhui Qiwei, starting from 8:00 on May 25th, raised 300 yuan/ton for all varieties in Qiwei. Bao Lijia, from May 21, raised 350 yuan/ton for all products.

If you pay attention to market conditions, you will know that before and after May 1st, May 2 or so has risen more than 2 times! This has risen again in a few days!

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